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Sean Monistat- Now on Tumblr!

Just started a Tumblr... let's see how this works out.


The Connie Dungs

Today I wanna post a blog on my favorite band of all time, The Connie Dungs.

I was introduced to this band in 2001 by my pal Derek Lyn Plastic. He grew up in Kentucky, and spent time with the members of the Dungs before moving to Gainesville.

Pop Punk has been my music of choice since I was old enough to make decisions concerning what I listened to.

This coincidentally coincided with my puberty.

Growing up in the 80's, I was of course subjected to Billy Idol and The Ramones, two bands my parents remember me dancing to in diapers. Pop punk reentered my life during the mid-90's, when Green Day and The Offspring busted onto the charts. I admit to watching MTv when I was 14, seeing Green Day, and wanting to play guitar.
Billy Joe made it look so easy!

When Green Day came to West Palm Beach in 1995, I heard about their opening band, The Riverdales. Which led me to discover Screeching Weasel and the rest of the Lookout Records roster. Inspired by the barre chords and simple progressions, I picked up a guitar the same year, and haven't looked back since.

Here is the WIkiPedia entry on The Connie Dungs. I won't waste time discussing their history and whatnot. I wanna talk about what they mean to me.

Also, here is The Connie Dungs MySpace, which has 6 songs up.

I am religiously collecting their entire discography.  (*) denotes what I currently own.

Full-length albums
(*)1. 1997 The Connie Dungs (Mutant Pop Records)
(*)2. 1998 Driving on Neptune (Mutant Pop Records)
(*)3. 1999 Earthbound For The Holiday (Mutant Pop Records)
(*)4. 1999 Songs For Swinging Nice Guys (Mutant Pop Records) (both self released cassettes from 1995 on one cd)
5. 2000 Eternal Bad Luck Charm (Mutant Pop Records)

Extended Play (EPs) and Singles
(*)1. 1995 Connie Dungs / Tugboat Split 7" ep (Smalltown Kids Records)
(*)2. 1995 Missy and Johnny 7" EP (Harmless Records)
(*)3. 1996 I Hate This Town 7" ep (Mutant Pop Records) (2 copies, plus test pressing)
(*)4. 1997 Connie Dungs / Operation: Cliff Clavin split 7"/cdep (Plan It X Records)
(*)5. 1997 Connie Dungs / Automatics (USA) split 10" ep (Cool Guy Records)
6. 1997 Connie Dungs / Slowpokes split 7" ep
(*)7. 1997 No Chance 7" ep (Mutant Pop Records)
(*)8. 2000 Turntable cdep (Mutant Pop Records)