New Doom&Bass mix up...

A new Doom&Bass track I just mixed is available at

Feel free to download it and share!


2 new songs I wrote on Sunday night.

In a life so scarred, you are my velvet revenge.
So smooth to the touch and so pleasant to see
They've been scared of you, well now they'll be scared of me
And, more importantly, now they'll be scared of us
They can't wrap their heads 'round our passionate lust
And my cock propels the feet that grind the pedals towards you
And my heart beats only for you
Compassion is necessary.
Cum passion is necessary.


"The Golden Age of..."
Electric tubes thru gas and glass
Ed Wood films and popcorn trash
And the cinema is a thing of the past
And the cinema is a thing of the past
Entertainment on demand
Has given advertisers the upper hand!
EM waves thru air, transformed
The corpse of the Golden Age is still warm
So Frankenstein that shit!
Bring it back to life, and don't ever quit!
"Decrease the output; Raise the standard.
Make art that people will remember"